If you’ve followed me on twitter for any length of time, you know I have strongly held opinions on the lack of diversity in the tech industry.


Even ack’ing that the term ‘tech industry’ may be too encompassing, lacking specificity and thus accountability for a given company, it’s plainly visible that women, people of color and other under-represented groups continue to be disproportionately under-employed at technology companies. This is supported by the data.


Friends of mine - people I’ve known for years and respect personally & professionally - have been working to address some of the root causes of this disparity for a long time. Brad Feld, Eric Norlin, Mitch Kapor, Anil Dash, Lesa Mitchell to name a few.


As you may know, Tincup.io is launching with a sponsor booth at Defrag in a few weeks. This is my first public showing of the service & I have a thousand things on my mind, but can’t help but consider this one of the most important.


If you are a member of an under-represented group (you self-identify, there’s no test or challenge) and wish to attend Defrag’s 10th Anniversary conference, contact Eric today:




And if you do attend as a result of seeing this post, let me know. Find me at the conference and introduce yourself. I’m recruiting and would love to discuss Tincup.io with you.


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