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Written by John Minnihan, No Risk, No Reward publishes analysis of the technology & internet sector, which emphasis on the utility, business and ethics of technology and those who create it.

John is a technologist with a background that includes repairing some of the earliest PCs at the component level & inventing hosted source control.

Freepository, the first site that allowed developers to collaborate on source code, securely managed 3 billion lines of code for members in over 120 countries. John operated Freepository for over 17 yrs with no data loss or security incidents.

As Freepository grew, John continued taking on infrastructure projects for companies such as Amazon, Wily, Walmart.com, Oracle, Juniper, StubHub and Macromedia.

John spends his time writing, designing & developing new services, and consulting on cloud migrations.

Prior to technology, John wanted to be a stuntman & once jumped a motorcycle 70 feet.

My Book

I examine the nexus of risk-taking, entrepreneurship & integrity in my book 145 MPH. I use stories to explore how my early risk-taking, which culminated in an anti-plan to become a motorcycle stuntman, led me to invent hosted source control & start a company.

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Unless otherwise noted, John has no financial interests in the companies he mentions here.

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John is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate.


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