2 mins

I model stuff all the time. Usually at my desk, often while I’m out walking & nearly every time I’m out on the moto. I think through a problem I’m trying to solve or a thing I want created & mentally interate approaches followed by actual coding. (I’ve actually coded on the bike a couple times using my now-private voice-to-text service… that was wild) The past few days I’ve rapidly progressed through a series of approaches to the user interface (UI) & user experience (UX) that I want for a filesharing service I developed.


3 mins

Base64-encoding images for use in web pages has been around for a while. Conventional wisdom stated that images should be encoded as base64 text for inline use in html for two primary reasons: reduce the number of http requests in a single page improve the performance of the page by reducing page load time There’s no disputing - at all - that inlining the encoding of an image in the img tag eliminates the additional page load of a real image.

Less Is More

1 mins

There are numerous image-viewer libraries - some pretty well designed & coded - that provide everything from a simple grid layout to professional-quality image controls such as zooming, flipping & scaling. While a few of these are really attractive with regard to design choices that the author made, they’re ultimately just that: choices of that author. My north star for this project is simple: I’ll use OSS packages for infrastructure like the server, i.


1 mins

this draft didn’t get published yesterday as intended because I was out on the moto – The transformation project - the service I’m creating to convert legacy audio & video recordings to modern formats for online use - is really about memories. Preserving memories, to be precise. If you have old videos of long-gone friends or relatives, or perhaps dozens or hundreds of CDs full of the music of your youth, you may occassionally wish there was an easy way to get all of those files - all those memories - online.

File Transformations

1 mins

I spent part of yesterday & most of today implementing a file sharing service. Initial features include drag+drop uploads, image preview using base64, navigation via a file-system tree UI & basic CRUD for the user account. I’m especially interested in file transformations. Being able to mutate a file from one format to another isn’t always necessary, but when it is, it’s usually urgent and a huge pain in the ass.