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originally published on July 07, 2007 I bought an iPhone yesterday, pretty much on impulse. We were at the Apple store (yes, I did go back) buying my boys a couple Minis, and at the anti-cash-register (there is only one - virtually all checkouts are done with mobile terminals that the sales guys carry in their pockets), when I flippantly asked “You don’t have any 8Gb iPhones do you?”

Voice and Platforms

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Is voice a platform, vertical or simply an enabler for whatever is being provided or produced? Yes. It’s all of these. When I began work on Tincup Voice, I had no illusions about creating a general purpose voice-enabled platform like Siri or Alexa. It wasn’t intended as an input or interface for an on-demand task or query system. Not only was I specifically not interested in solving that problem - I was instead narrowly focused on creating an easy to use mobile transcription that generated editable posts - I knew that I’d need a huge amount of capital to realistically compete with existing voice platforms operated by two of the largest (read: deep-pocketed) companies on the planet.


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After a long illness, my dad died last week. I wasn’t sure that I’d want to write about this, now or ever. The more I talked about him to my family - who didn’t know him well, primarily due to geographical distance and my mom’s aversion to traveling when they were both still healthy, I realized that I was the only one who could or would tell his story.


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On 12-JUL of this year, I committed to writing & completing my book. I’m happy to announce that it’s available for purchase, just two and a half months later. Buy now on amazon 145 MPH - Stories of Risk-taking, Entrepreneurship & Integrity is my exploration of the nexus of those three qualities. I use stories of events in my life to illustrate & explain how I came to be the person I am, and how my character was shaped by my earliest encounters with adrenaline-fueled behavior.

Investment Ethics

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recorded on iPhone using Tincup Voice in the default Safari browser. This post is about investment ethics. Specifically, what are the dynamics of a very large investment into a rapidly growing company that is positioning itself as the market leader in a lucrative market, especially a new market - one that previously has not existed? I’m gonna focus on WeWork in this post. WeWork has been discussed quite a bit.