Leopards Eating Faces

5 mins

I never thought leopards would eat MY face, sobbed the woman who voted for the Leopards Eating Faces Party. There are variations on this meme that take the form of cartoons, for example Slugs for Salt or the one with two members of a flock of sheep, who pass a billboard showing a picture of a wolf with the tagline I am going to eat you, with one sheep remarking He tells it like it is.

Password Managers

3 mins

I’m exploring password managers. I want to test my current opinion & biases against what actually works. To do this, I’m designing and implementing my own password manager. What exactly is a password manager? In its simplest online form, a password manager is a scheme that automatically retrieves & presents to its associated website a password to satisfy a login challenge. A typical implementation involves storage of passwords mapped to users maintained in a commercial service which itself requires an authenticated login to utilize.

Stanford Online Courses

1 mins

I decided to go deep on algorithms and learn everything I can. This is both for a specific need as well as to simply satiate a desire to know this better. I’ve been a developer for many years and have implemented hundreds (if not thousands) of algorithms to solve discreet problems. What I’ve learned - mostly self-taught - is an example of Chinese algebra: discovery of advanced techniques independent of classical exposure to or participation in organized academia.

Temperature Swing

1 mins

This is a quick post to comment on the wild temperature swing we experienced here today. It was 60f just a little after noon today and is now 31f. We’ve had greater temp swings in a day, for sure, but it’s always a shock when this happens. I’d planned to ride today when I saw that the temps were rising this morning. This change occured so suddenly that it caught me off-guard.

Writing Break & Storyboard

2 mins

Before I begin, I’m gonna say that break really isn’t the right word here. I’m not sure whether interruption is any better, but… I haven’t written here for nearly two weeks. My early summer committment to write daily has been ignored and I want to explore why that happened. It snowed and became bitterly cold for part of this period. I’ve grown to really dislike the cold - and snow in particular - as it impacts my mood & motivation level.