Stanford Online Courses

1 mins

I decided to go deep on algorithms and learn everything I can. This is both for a specific need as well as to simply satiate a desire to know this better. I’ve been a developer for many years and have implemented hundreds (if not thousands) of algorithms to solve discreet problems. What I’ve learned - mostly self-taught - is an example of Chinese algebra: discovery of advanced techniques independent of classical exposure to or participation in organized academia.

Temperature Swing

1 mins

This is a quick post to comment on the wild temperature swing we experienced here today. It was 60f just a little after noon today and is now 31f. We’ve had greater temp swings in a day, for sure, but it’s always a shock when this happens. I’d planned to ride today when I saw that the temps were rising this morning. This change occured so suddenly that it caught me off-guard.

Writing Break & Storyboard

2 mins

Before I begin, I’m gonna say that break really isn’t the right word here. I’m not sure whether interruption is any better, but… I haven’t written here for nearly two weeks. My early summer committment to write daily has been ignored and I want to explore why that happened. It snowed and became bitterly cold for part of this period. I’ve grown to really dislike the cold - and snow in particular - as it impacts my mood & motivation level.


1 mins

originally published on July 07, 2007 I bought an iPhone yesterday, pretty much on impulse. We were at the Apple store (yes, I did go back) buying my boys a couple Minis, and at the anti-cash-register (there is only one - virtually all checkouts are done with mobile terminals that the sales guys carry in their pockets), when I flippantly asked “You don’t have any 8Gb iPhones do you?”

Voice and Platforms

5 mins

Is voice a platform, vertical or simply an enabler for whatever is being provided or produced? Yes. It’s all of these. When I began work on Tincup Voice, I had no illusions about creating a general purpose voice-enabled platform like Siri or Alexa. It wasn’t intended as an input or interface for an on-demand task or query system. Not only was I specifically not interested in solving that problem - I was instead narrowly focused on creating an easy to use mobile transcription that generated editable posts - I knew that I’d need a huge amount of capital to realistically compete with existing voice platforms operated by two of the largest (read: deep-pocketed) companies on the planet.