Lions and Tigers and Locks Oh My

3 mins

I just experienced something that should not have happened, at least not today, in 2019 - the 42nd year of general use of personal computers & the software industry that powers them. As part of my routine tasks, I was preparing to do some online banking. I typically use Safari on my iMac for this work as it gives me nominally better control of password handling. I opened the browser + went to the login page, where I was met with the userid & password form as expected.

The Great Devops Bundling

2 mins

There are only two ways I know of to make money: bundling and unbundling. - Jim Barksdale Anyone paying attention to the hosted source control market1 has surely noticed that Gitlab has been steadily & with increasing success bundling all the previously disparate pieces of the software development life cycle (SDLC). There’s no better current example of this today than Gitlab, though Hashicorp is close. The loosely-coupled nature of Hashicorp’s tools makes what they’re doing a less than 100% true bundling, but every tool is meant to work seamlessly with the rest of the suite… so it’s pretty close.

The Race to Zero

4 mins

Build System Background Enterprise build systems are, by design and necessity, bespoke implementations. While many enterprises do indeed utilize the same core feature set - i.e. clone a repo & then iterate through a series of predefined tasks - this accounts for around 75% of the functionality that a build system has to possess. The results delivered in that last 25% require enormous customization and thus ensure that no two build systems will ever be the same.

Open Source Competitive Moats

6 mins

I’ve recently been thinking about how companies that both produce and consume open source software (OSS) behave in the markets that develop around them. This post examines the incentives on both sides - and considers multiple third sides - to gain advantage from use of OSS in enterprises. The obvious first order case of advantage is using OSS because it’s free of ongoing license costs. This is true for SMB but less so for enterprises that purchase licenses for versions of the OSS that contain proprietary features.


1 mins

recorded on iMac using the chrome browser. Okay, this is a post that probably guarantees I never get hired by Amazon, which is amusing since I went through that process back in May and got a rejection. I already talked about that. A friend messaged me about 15 minutes ago and pointed me to Cory Quinn’s post this morning about why he turned down a job offer at AWS.