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On 12-JUL of this year, I committed to writing & completing my book. I’m happy to announce that it’s available for purchase, just two and a half months later.

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145 MPH - Stories of Risk-taking, Entrepreneurship & Integrity is my exploration of the nexus of those three qualities. I use stories of events in my life to illustrate & explain how I came to be the person I am, and how my character was shaped by my earliest encounters with adrenaline-fueled behavior.

I talk about how I learned to jump and thus was set on a path that included an anti-plan to become a motorcycle stuntman. That led me to a brief encounter with the buttoned-down corporate world, which after one too many layoffs, propelled me to become a startup founder.

I talk about how I invented hosted source control with my first startup and the lessons I learned when it failed. It was painful, but that experience was essential to my growth as a person, as a husband and as a father.

“I'm a huge fan of memoirs, especially those that are introspective.  I learned about John’s past, while at the same time feeling very connected to his approach to life. There’s a lot of internal consistency in his writing - both in what he wrote and how I've interacted with him and/or seen him live his life.”
- Brad Feld
 Partner, Foundry Group

If you’ve ever met me and heard me talk about that, or the motorcycles, or the cars or all my air travel and wanted to learn more, this book is for you.

If you need some advice from a real-world entrepreneur about key mistakes to avoid, you’ll want to read the section about life-long lessons I learned from my startup’s failure.

If you’ve ever wondered how I ended up with so many VCs as friends, this book is for you.

If you struggle with FUD, you’ll want to read this cover to cover.

And finally, if you just want to read some crazy stories about cars, trains and motorcycles, this book is definitely for you.

- jbminn