And There's the Post

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And there's the post

This was the last reply in a conversation thread with two friends in which we talked about how companies - typically tech companies - go through highly predictable cycles of disruptive innovation, emerging as market leaders that ultimately begin to behave in anti-competitive, predatory ways.

The company we’d begun the thread about was Amazon. They were in the news for their indefensible conduct regarding worker safety at fullfillment warehouses and then firing outspoken Amazon employees who began whistleblowing on the conduct.

That led to the very public resignation of an AWS VP, who blogged about his decision. This was picked up by national news outlets & was shared widely. To my knowledge, Amazon has not publicly responded to the resignation. I’m told (but can’t verify) that Amazon had at the highest levels placed an internal freeze on any commentary or discussion of the issue.

So here we are. A company with extraordinary market power, increasing in market value by billions during the pandemic as a direct result of their ability to pressure brands onto their platform. Matt Stoller has an excellent post on this:

That conversation with my friends went like this:

And there's the post.

AOL. Netscape. Compaq. the list is long.

the lessons are timeless yet continue to get reapplied to new giants that are convinced they’re different.

ibm who?

yep….as is always the case w/ the giant that can’t be beaten (msft in 2000-2003 or aws now): they’re king, until they’re not….and then the fall comes very very quickly.

it’s funny because its true

i spent three full yrs migrating companies from cvs to svn. the urgent + very lucrative market for that ended as git became bug-free enough to use inside enterprises.

and a ton of my consulting prior to that was on-prem to cloud migrations, which curiously enough i’m back in today

migrating away from aws today wld be abt more than just the tech. but you know that.

step 1: migrate away from a large vendor that offers everything.

feels like the ole “pendulum swing” from “suite” to “best of breed”

me: Just back from my walk. blasted ELO’s AOTW.

let my mind wander around this problem space

’sure, aws sucks as a company. but how do we migrate off it when we use so many aws-native services?’

rethink everything. everything.

i’m thinking this through + it gets exciting.

- jbminn