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Intuitive Inputs

 ·  ☕ 1 min read  ·  ✍️ John Minnihan

In March of 2020, I was working on a new service that I expected to release within days. The pandemic emerged, lockdown was implemented and that plan was suddenly irrelevant.

No one would be needing an expense tracker - one that takes photos of receipts captured on your phone & generates printable expense reports - any time soon. “Physical receipt”? Ewww, no thanks.

Well, more than a year & many vaccinations later… we may be emerging from the pandemic. Some form of normalcy is visible on the horizon. People will be - and are - traveling on business again.

And they will make purchases and get receipts.

I’m bringing Tincup Backoffice back soon. One backlogged feature that wasn’t a high priority then but is now? Emailed receipts as inputs.

Photos & emails. Intuitive inputs.

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