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originally published on July 07, 2007

I bought an iPhone yesterday, pretty much on impulse.

We were at the Apple store (yes, I did go back) buying my boys a couple Minis, and at the anti-cash-register (there is only one - virtually all checkouts are done with mobile terminals that the sales guys carry in their pockets), when I flippantly asked “You don’t have any 8Gb iPhones do you?”

Another sales guy that was standing next to my sales guy reached under the counter and pulled out the last 8Gb iPhone they had in the store. My sales guy said “Delicious” (direct quote), looked at me for approval and I nodded ‘Yes’.

And so I now have an iPhone. Opinion so far: this thing is easily the most advanced, well-designed machine - of any kind - I have ever owned.

More on that statement later.

Edit: I have one complaint - the microphone on the supplied earbud cord constantly catches on my shirt-collar. I speculate that the designers and testers all wore T-Shirts, and thus no one encountered this issue.

- jbminn