Same as It Ever Was

2 mins

Same as it ever was.

You know that great Talking Heads song? Yeah, that one. I love that line.

Same as it ever was.

It applies to almost everything. Business. Personal relationships. Life.

Things happen in repeating, almost predictable, cycles. I’ve been thinking about that in the context of my current startup, which is the culmination of some cloud migration work I began a few years ago.

When I invented hosted source control, I was designing & implementing enterprise build systems (working for myself) as pro services. I’d encountered difficulty gaining secure access to my client’s source code one too many times… and voila, Freepository was born.

Fast forward to today & I’ve spent much of the twenty years since that day migrating various parts of an enterprise’s software development infrastructure to more modern approaches. My current work continues that trend, focusing on modernizing the enterprise data center.

I’ve worked on migrating a couple enterprise’s applications & associated infra to the cloud over the past few years and the process sucks. Tons of duplicated, throw-away work is required to just begin the real work. It’s inefficient & costly, not to mention maddening.

What if there was a better way - a nearly completely automated way to migrate a data center to one of the cloud providers? Point, click, migrate.

Same as it ever was.

- jbminn