Stanford Online Courses

1 mins

I decided to go deep on algorithms and learn everything I can. This is both for a specific need as well as to simply satiate a desire to know this better.

I’ve been a developer for many years and have implemented hundreds (if not thousands) of algorithms to solve discreet problems. What I’ve learned - mostly self-taught - is an example of Chinese algebra: discovery of advanced techniques independent of classical exposure to or participation in organized academia.

It’s time to backfill my practical experience with the pure math behind the implementations.

That’s brought me to the topic of today’s post: Stanford’s Online Courses.

There’s a tremendous catalog of courses available, some of which are offered free of charge. The democratization of knowledge makes this a big win for people who couldn’t otherwise afford to participate in classes of this caliber.

I know what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks.

- jbminn