Writing Break & Storyboard

2 mins

Before I begin, I’m gonna say that break really isn’t the right word here. I’m not sure whether interruption is any better, but…

I haven’t written here for nearly two weeks. My early summer committment to write daily has been ignored and I want to explore why that happened.

It snowed and became bitterly cold for part of this period. I’ve grown to really dislike the cold - and snow in particular - as it impacts my mood & motivation level. There’s still snow in the yard as I type this, which I find difficult to tolerate. I want to live where it’s warm year-round & this ain’t it.

So that’s mostly why I’ve been away from the keyboard… at least with regard to writing like this.

On the plus side, I did conceive & implement an amazing feature during this same time frame - Tincup Voice’s Storyboard - which perhaps makes up for this.

Storyboard allows a Tincup Member to rearrange their posts, dragging & dropping into any order they want, for easy copy & pasting into their main word processing tool. This means that you can record your posts, say when you’re out walking, like I do, whenever a manuscript idea occurs to you. You can then later - very easily - rearrange those posts into a sequence that makes sense in your manuscript.

Let me explain with an example.

My new book is about how to manipulate information flow. It is extremely technical in parts and I’m recording those sections each day. I’m not necessarily recording them in the order in which I’ll use them in the manuscript, though. To use those posts in my manuscript, I’d have to open each one, highlight the text I wanted and then paste it into the manuscript.

Any formatting that came along for the ride would have to be removed, too. It was tedious, time-consuming & error-prone.

I’d been doing this for several days (and did it this way for my last book) when I said to myself “this is dumb”.

So I created the Storyboard feature.

I hope you like it.

You try this yourself with the demo account.

Membername: demo
Password: flubber