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On 12-JUL of this year, I committed to writing & completing my book. I’m happy to announce that it’s available for purchase, just two and a half months later. Buy now on amazon 145 MPH - Stories of Risk-taking, Entrepreneurship & Integrity is my exploration of the nexus of those three qualities. I use stories of events in my life to illustrate & explain how I came to be the person I am, and how my character was shaped by my earliest encounters with adrenaline-fueled behavior.

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Real Code is written by me, John Minnihan. Here you’ll find my analysis of the technology & internet sector, with emphasis on the utility, business and ethics of technology and those who create it. Paid subscribers will also find detailed technical articles that include code. I’m a technologist with a background that includes repairing some of the earliest PCs at the component level & inventing hosted source control. Freepository, the first site that allowed developers to collaborate on source code, securely managed 3 billion lines of code for members in over 120 countries.

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