And There’s the Post

2 mins

And there's the post This was the last reply in a conversation thread with two friends in which we talked about how companies - typically tech companies - go through highly predictable cycles of disruptive innovation, emerging as market leaders that ultimately begin to behave in anti-competitive, predatory ways. The company we’d begun the thread about was Amazon. They were in the news for their indefensible conduct regarding worker safety at fullfillment warehouses and then firing outspoken Amazon employees who began whistleblowing on the conduct.


1 mins

So. Here we are. Almost May. Numerous states, including Colorado, have been under stay-at-home orders for the past month. Everything’s upside down. Feels pointless to enumerate here - you know what’s happening. I stopped writing. And yet... we have to look out over the horizon, beyond what we can clearly see today. We have to plan & act as though that future-state will occur, even if it's impossible to see.

Optimistic Realism

2 mins

We’re entering day two of Colorado’s Stay at Home executive order. This is part of the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. This post is about maintaining optimism while also being bluntly realistic about the situation. People have died and will continue to die. Old, young, sick and well. Rich, middle class and poor. This virus - like any virus - is non-discriminating. As I type this, I’m at my same home office desk where I’ve written a book (and parts of two others) and developed multiple online services.

Remote Work

4 mins

There’s a 73.9%1 probability that I’ll be working remotely soon (along with 19 bajillion of my friends) as we collectively navigate the national response to COVID-19, the coronavirus that was first observed in China in late 2019. This post isn’t about the virus or even the broad-based response. I don’t have any expertise in that so I won’t pretend that my impressions or superficial analysis would be meaningful. I’ll instead stick to a topic I do understand very well:

Cloudfront & CORS in Safari

3 mins

The new project was progressing rapidly until I hit a difficult-to-understand CORS issue in Safari. This post documents the specific issue and how I resolved it. I like to say that when I encounter issues that I can’t resolve in a few hours, it’s a really obscure issue. This issue took me over 24 hours to fully understand & then resolve. Scenario The service takes incoming file assets from a member, posts them to a member-private location in S3, performs a transformation on the asset, then makes that transformation available to the member by delivering it back into a browser session upon request.